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A Way Out – Co-operative Prison Time.

‘A Way Out’ is a unique title with a requirement to play the whole game Co-Op with another player, either via online or on the Couch. No bots here people to fill the void, its time to get social. Honestly though, it’s good fun and the puzzles are not to hard as to cause online salt or old fashion fisty-cuffs on the couch.

The art style and voice work are both top notch. But, I particularly love how the screen moves from Comic Book type tiles, to traditional split-screen, then to both characters occupying the one screen. It feels very natural and makes it easy to understand whats going on. My only complaint is that the puzzles are nothing new to the co-op game genre. Push trolley here, find key there to open door for your buddy etc… Its no ‘Portal 2’…but overall it is unique in it own wee way and worth a look.

Here is a bit of gameplay footage from about 2 hours in to the campaign. As you will see, it was a slick operation with the co-operation levels set to ’11’! (Yep, that’s a Spinal Tap reference)