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NBA 2K16 Review, Xbox One

NBA 2K16 - CoverThe latest outing for the NBA2K franchise is here. And as usual it makes reviewing a tad tough. Not because it is bad, or good for that matter, but because it is the same. I could easily just copy and paste last years review because the same points are valid again this year. But lets face it, why change a good thing, well a mostly good thing.

Guess what? Yup, that’s right, the face scan is still bollocks! At least it got my bald head right this year, other than that we have a zombie generator. So don’t bother, just use the pre-set options and edit until you are happy. You may find it quicker than the tedious scanning process anyway. Again there is way too many game options for a casual basketball player like myself to take in or even look at. From trading cards to coaching, it is all a bit overwhelming. And to take away any desire to look further into these areas are the poor graphics for your house, I mean crib, and coach areas. It is obvious that all effort went into the on court aesthetics.

NBA 2K16 - 1The biggest grab for me this time round was the inclusion and coverage of our very own Steven Adams. 2K have him looking the part and even the commentators have plenty to say about him. This affinity with a fellow countryman somehow draws you into the game more than it would with even all the big name American names. You may ‘know’ of them but they are not Steve Adams from Rotorua! And here, thanks to the wonders of modern technology (meaning, I have finally worked out how to upload my own videos) is a little taster of Mr Adams.

NBA 2K16 - 2

Obviously there is a huge NBA market in the USA and the NBA 2K games are aim fair and square at these people so the amount of stats and information is probably welcomed by them, but for me, all I hit is the quick play and enjoy the game. I really wish this much attention and effort went into a Rugby game…

Closing Comments.

There isn’t really much more to say when it comes to the NBA 2K series. The gameplay in 2K16 looks and plays great. The music is as annoying as ever for anyone who doesn’t like Hip Hop and Rap. And the amount of extras is mind boggling. It is still as enjoyable as ever and fairly accessible to dive in and have a quick game but only the truly dedicated will get the most out of the entire package that is NBA 2K16.

NBA 2K16 - 3