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Shadow Warrior 3 Review (PC)

Everybody likes a bit of Lo Wang. Unfortunately after his last adventure Lo is a bit well, low. Drowning in self pity, spending all day with no pants on, low. But yet again the world is need of a smart mouthed hero that is quick with a blade and a one liner. A Shadow Warrior is needed.

Time to gather up your katana and guns, oh and your pants. It is one big nasty looking dragon that needs taking care of. Actually it might be a wyvern….

Serious Wang?

For those, like me, who seem to be struggling to find decent amounts of gaming time Shadow Warrior 3 could be for you. Clocking in at the 8-10 hour mark it won’t end up unfinished in that pile of shame. Well, it shouldn’t. The easiest comparison for those not familiar with the Shadow Warrior franchise is to call it an oriental Serious Sam. A crude comparison but with similar over the top gameplay, whacky characters and even crazier enemies, there is no doubt these two games will appeal to the same crowd. Thankfully for me I had no motion sickness during my outing with Lo. Sorry Sam, I think I prefer Wang.

Keeping Up With The Chief.

Shadow Warrior 3 is a very linear affair. This allows for some great set pieces and the introduction of wall running and the current utility of choice, a grappling hook. Movement is fluid and controls will be very natural for the vast majority of gamers. I love the fact that your katana attack is always available and you just have to cycle through your ranged arsenal. A basic upgrade system is also in play for Lo Wang and his weapons. Adding to these collected and reusable weapons are Gore Weapons. As the name suggests these involve ripping enemies apart and using them against other opposition. Some of these Gore Weapons really can turn the tide in the face of overwhelming odds.

So Colourful.

I love the art style and direction, to have everything in Shadow Warrior 3 shown in big, bold colours. Great decision. With the plethora of games out there that insist on making the player struggle through darks areas or only use the grey section of the colour palette, it is so nice not having to squint to see things. My PC is at the low end of the power spectrum but things looked very nice indeed. As good as Shadow Warrior 3 looks and plays the stand out for me is the dialog. So many comments that actually got a real laugh from me, many of them poking fun at the world and even other games. Really appreciate when humour is aimed at the right audience.

Closing Comments.

I have to admit I went into Shadow Warrior 3 with low expectations. It wasn’t on my radar, nor is it a title I would have sought out. So here I am in a happy place, having enjoyed and been entertained by a great game. Will it win Game of the Year awards around the world? No. Does it deserve the attention from gamers? Yes. Shadow Warrior 3 is a solid piece of gaming and it will be a real shame not to enjoy it. We, as gamers, also want to reward and acknowledge developers that do well. Let’s make sure Flying Wild Hog get the credit they deserve. Games are fun, Shadow Warrior 3 just oozes this fact.