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The 2018 Player2 Charity Marathon – back for thirdsies

Yes, we’re plugging another blog, but for a great reason and besides it’s a community thing and together we can make a village or something, in Minecraft at least.

The Marathon and website www.player2.net.au are both the brainchildren of Matt Hewson, the site in particular has been incredibly well received and recognised over the years, due to a heavyweight roster of contributors and quality content. The marathon is an excellent exercise in building positive exposure while gaming for good and funding a worthwhile cause. Basically the Player2 team will be spending 24 hours online, streaming various game shenanigans and will be in need of good company while they dole out prizes in return for charitable donations.

It will all be happening on September 15th online, so hit up the links below to keep abreast of the goings on, be sure to click and donate something, maybe win yourself one of the spectacular prizes on offer and most of all have some fun for the Terry Campese Foundation.

Official press release below in full, take a moment to have a read.

The Player 2 Charity Marathon supporting the Terry Campese Foundation is back for another year

Looking to eclipse their fundraising total of over $3700 from last year.

4th Of September, 2018

After a successful charity event last year, the Player 2 team are coming back once again to raise money for the Terry Campese Foundation. Last year the team raised over $3700 for the charity, every cent of which went to helping sick and underprivilege families from the Canberra and Southern NSW regions. This year the crew aim to beat that mark and are looking at the possibility of reaching $4000.

The 24-hour gaming marathon will occur on the 15th of September, kicking off at 10am and running for a full day. The team will be playing one game every hour, including titles such as The Halo Master Chief Collection, Rock Band, Street Fighter Anniversary Collection and the ever-popular NBA Jam, all in the name of this great cause.

To encourage people to donate the Player 2 team has gotten together an impressive list of prizes that includes over 200 items. Games such as Spider-Man, Far Cry 5 and Nier Automata are up for grabs along with great books, soundtracks, merchandise and even a working Pip-Boy 3000! All of these prizes will be given out to people that donate $2 or more to the event.

“The chance to help out a charity such as Terry’s is an honour and a privilege” said Player 2 Editor, Matt Hewson. “At Player 2, we often lament the lack of positive coverage our favourite hobby receives from mainstream media, so we feel it is our responsibility to lead by example. We are a small site inthe grand scheme of things, but as we have shown previously our size doesn’t stop us from helpingout in a meaningful way. The Terry Campese Foundation is a charity that aims to help those who arestruggling in life, be it from illness or poverty, and that is something I feel we can all get behind”

The whole event will be livestreamed on the Player 2 twitch channel and will covered extensively on Player 2’s social media channels, with on-the-spot giveaways for viewers and followers. For more information about the Player 2 Charity Marathon Supporting The Terry Campese Foundation head to www.player2.net.au

About The Terry Campese Foundation

The main purpose of The Terry Campese Foundation (TCF) is to help young people (aged 12-25) who for whatever reason find themselves in vulnerable positions.

Working independently, and by also supporting individuals and organisations already working with young people experiencing disadvantage, TCF’s focus is on building on theStrengths and Opportunities of these young people while providing tools to combat their apparent Weaknesses and Threats.

Despite funding challenges TCF has ambitious plans for the future.
The Foundation has DGR Status and welcomes tax deductable donations.

About Player 2

Player 2 is a gaming website with a difference. With a strong focus on giving games writers creative independence, Player 2 has managed to attract pieces from the cream of Australia’s games media,despite its small size.

Founded by Editor, Matt Hewson as a place to provide a unique look at the Australian Video Games Industry, Player 2 has gone from strength to strength. The site attracts contributions from over 20 different content creators and in 2018 was nominated for a ACS IT Journalism Award for best independent coverage. Player 2 has participated in numerous charity events with the 2018 Charity Marathon being the 3rd such event they have hosted.