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Zombie Army Trilogy, Switch Review

Zombie Army Trilogy on Switch, comes hot on the heels of last month’s spectacular Zombie Army 4. That’s a big pair of Jackboots to fill.

To be fair the Switch port does a good job and is a well rounded package, but really showing its age. The muted colours and old textures don’t do much to upgrade the experience. Although the sepia / grey-green landscape does a good job of highlighting collectibles. As expected the game looks heaps better in portable mode. To be honest, that’s really why you want ZAT on Switch. There are multiplayer options on and offline, but being a stubbornly solo zombie killer I lack comrades.

Go for the head, or the glowing spot…

The game plays as you expect. Push forward into area after area, fighting whatever undead monstrosities come after your brains. With Zombie Army 4 fresh in my brain it was nice to see reminders of how the beasties used to look. At the end of a chapter the relative security of a Safe Room pops up and is the welcome reprieve you need. Considering the design is over five years old and was originally released as updates to the Sniper Elite game, it holds up well. As the Trilogy there are plenty of levels to grind through and ultimately put Hitler to rest in. That said, without spoiling part 4 it’s a good setup for the finale.

A Zombie Army Trilogy zombie yesterday

It’s not Zombie Army Trilogy, its the Switch

Issues are minor and to honest more to do with the Switch itself rather than the game. I have big hands and wrapping them round the Switch for extended periods is not pleasant. Add to that the finger dexterity needed to maintain decent aiming, moving and choosing weapons or gadgets. Frustration soon comes to the fore, because I couldn’t quite get done the action that was going to save me. Levels that I would normally sail through have been sticking points, mostly due to my inability to command the Switch controls. That and the lack of a decent threat warning.

Zombies dying

At the end of the day Zombie Army on the go is a blast, especially for people with smaller hands. It might look like last gen, but the guts and gore make up for that. It’s Rebellion to the core and has been a fan favourite for being true to itself.

For a satisfying blast and a trip down memory lane its well worth a spin.