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Byte Size – ESO Greymoor Review (Xbox One)

ESO Greymoor heads to Skyrim. A land held in high regard by adventurers world wide. A cold, bleak, and formidable landscape that only the strongest are willing to explore. This is Western Skyrim, home of the Nords, a 1000 years before the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Five years since The Elder Scrolls Online was released and following the annual major updates of Morrowind, Summerset, and Elsweyr comes Greymoor. The fourth ‘chapter’ release for the venerable ESO. With plenty of DLC and updates between each of these  major releases it is astounding how much content is now included in ESO.

Fus Ro Dah!

As any self respecting adventurer would expect, the world of Western Skyrim feels strangely familiar. The terrain, architecture, flora and fauna all fall into place with the future Skyrim we all know and love. Terrorised by an evil Vampire Lord, it is up to you and the thousands of gamers still embracing ESO to again save another province of Tamriel. More loot, more quests, just more of everything you like about ESO.

This time around we also have the introduction of the Antiquities System. Let your inner Indiana Jones out and start tracking down Tamriels history, Fedora not included.

Gonna Need A Bigger Wardrobe.

Yes, there is still an element of the MMORPG grind and an absolute plethora of cosmetics to unlock and collect. The more astute of you might have noticed that I have the same armour as three years ago. That is because there is an Outfit option where your equipment changes all happen under a chosen outfit. So I have stuck with my look because I like it. You can definitely play the game and enjoy it without having to deal with a lot of the grind. But there is also the dirty old pay to win element, so if you want to buy your way to the top you can.

There Is Always Someone Tougher.

I have just hit level 205 as a Champion and still love the thrill when you get soundly beaten and then return with a few random players to lay down some whoop ass. No communications needed, just hang around the outskirts until a few others show up. And on the other hand charging in to help lower level characters is just as satisfying. ESO is just such a huge game to explore and experience. Add to that all the special events that still happen and you will find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of content.

Closing Comments.

The Elder Scrolls Online has gone from strength to strength. Little fixes like being able to craft multiple items at once have eased some of the grind while huge DLC and chapter updates are continually adding new content and game mechanics. For someone jumping into ESO now, although you will have access to a huge game world, it could all be a bit overwhelming. And time consuming. I am going to lay the blame solely on ESO for my huge pile of unfinished (unstarted?!?) games. It just sucks you in, and four hours later all you have is a full inventory and a smile on your face.

I love ESO!