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JBL Quantum 610 Wireless, review

I’ve been lucky enough to spend the last few weeks playing with the JBL Quantum 610 Wireless headset. As laid out in my review of the 600’s the brand is solid, so here we are with an upgrade.

I think it’s only fair to get this out of the way. This is a seriously good headset.

JBL Quantum 610

When I reviewed the 600’s I was impressed and for most of the time since they have been my ‘go to’ set. The 610 simply takes that experience and builds on it.

Form and Function.

To be fair the aesthetic is not dissimilar from the 600’s, with the orange and black colour scheme still hitting the accents. The tightly braided cables, the LED lights pulsing on the shell and those oh so comfy ear cups. Speaking of which, I’m eternally grateful for the big “R” and “L” emblazoned inside them. As expected the boom microphone is well placed, mutes when folded away and has a great build quality. The sound quality for chat has had a step up too. I’m a quiet talker online, but Im getting heard. My boys, when they nabbed the set for some Fortnite with friends were complemented on their clarity.

Around the cups are the controls, volume, chat and game fader, another mute option and the on/off switch. There are of course the USB-C charging slot and the 3.5mm jack for wired used. In fact the wired cable adds another control for muting the mike along with a volume wheel. Great for those of us that fumble the headset controls, but three mute buttons seems a touch too far.

JBL Quantum 610 Wireless, not Wireless.

The set is headlined as wireless, but it’s almost hybrid. It works just as well with the 3.5mm cable, plugging in happily to an Xbox controller, Switch, even an Evercade. One bugbear I always have with a wired setup is the scraping feedback of the wire against clothes. JBL do a good job of minimising this with their trademark braided cables. The other good thing about going wired, is that you don’t have to switch the unit on, preserving the already decent battery life.

One nice to have with the JBL Quantum 610 Wireless is the ability to charge while the headset is in use. This was one complaint a lot of users had previously and its good to see it dealt with. Props to JBL.

In the wireless corner we’re echoing the 600 again. Great performance, easy to use and impressive battery life. You can’t complain. Even the USB dongle, essential to get your Playstation or PC connected is now almost a third of the size. On one hand it’s good to have a smaller dongle, although I do worry about losing it. There’s a reason some hotel keys have massive fobs on them. The box states you’ll get lossless and lag-free 2.4GHZ wireless, I cant dispute that in any way.

The 3D surround does an outstanding job as usual, my Elden Ring game improved exponentially once I could hear the depth of sound that was around me.

When Sound is Survival…

…you need a headset like the JBL 610 Quantum Wireless, for gamers it hits the brief.

Massively comfortable, the big ear cups can be worn for hours without discomfort and the set is light enough to be barely noticeable. Performance wise they just deliver rich deep sound from every direction. Battery life is up there at the top of town and for PC Gamers there’s always the native software to have a tinker in the settings to find your preference.

While the 610 does not offer some of the excellent design and functionality of a recent EPOS Hybrid unit I reviewed it’s much more of gamers dedicated set.

For an excellent gaming headset that will deliver quality, and comfort at the right price, don’t go past the JBL Quantum 610 Wireless.