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Street Power Football, PS4 Byte Size Review

Street Power Football (Soccer internationally) is a mixed bag of soccer stuff. Delivering six distinctly different game modes to  a pumping beat, while they are somewhat linked it feels at times like an identity crisis.

Street Power Football London

It’s soccer Jim, but not as we know it.

That’s the crux of it, the core of the game is about 3 vs 3 Street Soccer, end to end short and snappy games. Most often decided by who made the fewer mistakes, like NBA Street the game is quick, chock full of power-ups and “character”. I love a good soccer game, having spent my formative years in the U.K. it goes without saying. While I can appreciate the niche for flashy moves, lycra and the odd Panna. I find the game lacks subtlety and doesn’t hit my sweet spot, which is obviously touch slower.

That said, they kids loved it. For them the end to end game is fun, especially one on one. Personally the powerups and pickups never gel with me, especially if you play the A.I. who has the unerring knack to maximise any opportunity.

What else is in the box of tricks Jim?

The mode that grabbed me the most was the Trick Shots, score points based on being able to kick your ball into various targets and or receptacles. On paper its solid and in practice it works for me, I was having a great time until I hit a wall. Over and over again, trying to bounce the ball backwards into a bucket that was lying down and facing away from me. Cue frustration and the timer running out. Great mode, just an unnecessary difficulty spike.

Freestyle mode is basically a rhythm match game with finger twisting combos to boot. It’s all about combos and score, but doesn’t really incentivise you.

On the back of those, there is a dedicated Panna battle (plenty of those on Youtube) and a knockout tournament. The cream is the Hero’s Journey – “Become King mode” where you follow the career of Sean Garnier. Play through all the various modes and prove your mettle to become the King of Street Football.

Street Power Football Freestyle

Street Power Football missed the onion bag Jim.

There are goals aplenty, big bright colourful arenas and bandy legged caricature characters to play dress-up with.

For me it’s style over substance and I’m sorry the gameplay feels a touch offside. Fair to say the younger gamers in the house enjoyed smashing it on the couch, but in the long run Street Power Football (Soccer) doesn’t hit the target.