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The Last of Us 2: Remastered, Review

The Last of Us 2 (TLoU2) was the swansong title for the PS4 in 2020 and it was AMAZING. I reviewed it here and hyperbole aside, it is the best video game ever made. So, Sony have seen fit to drop a native PS5 version and pack in some other goodies, plus a ‘rouge-like’ mode for good measure. After replaying it all for this review I can say with confidence…it is STILL one of my favourite video games of all time!

TLoU2 was gorgeous in 2020 and on the PS5 it is even more gorgerous-er. To my untrained eye, on my PS5 and my VRR 65’ TV, the TV was saying I was playing at 4K/120hz with VRR smoothing framerates out to around 70fps. But for the qualified run-down on the numbers go to Digital Foundry.

No online multiplayer, but plenty on offer.

I have zero issue with remasters of games. I don’t understand the pushback they get from some quarters of the gamer space. If a developer wants to put a fresh coat of paint on an 3 year old game and sell it, then awesome! More choice is always better.The upgrade for owners of the PS4 version of TLoU2 is only $10 USD ($20 NZD). Which is a bargain and….totally optional! The characters and story are still stunningly realised and brutal…..and largely unchanged. So, the reason to re-play this on PS5 is for the graphical upgrade and the extra fruit.

The remaster includes some unreleased sections of levels, a guitar playing mode, amaaazing cast and developer commentary and primarily a pack-in rogue-like mode called No Return.

The point of No Return?

There are 10 characters to unlock, all with different kit and weapons to craft. You take on variations of four different combat scenarios: Assault – which pits you against waves of enemies. Capture – in which you have to break into a safe full of valuable supplies enemies are guarding. Holdout – during which you and an AI-controlled buddy defend against Infected swarming around you. Hunted – in which you need to survive until the timer runs out against continuous enemy reinforcements. With the aim of being able to survive these levels to take down a boss.

Collect currency and resources, upgrade and see if you can get to the boss. Then die…lose it all…and start all over again. Looks great, plays great….not my cuppa tea. I hate rogue-likes and even though I love the gameplay of TLoU, the frustration rogue-likes bring out in me, means I will never gel with them.

The Last of Us 2 is still a masterclass in game and narrative design.

It challenges gamers to play an action game, then to be exposed to the reality of these actions. Challenges them not look away at the worst humanity has to offer. And uniquely, turn it all on its head and say…”You think you’re the hero here!? Think again”. Amazing.

When you get down to it, this is a remaster, so a known quantity. If you are not really a Last of Us fan, then this 4K hotness version will not sway you. For those who have played it on PS4 and loved it, don’t be stingy, dig up that $20 NZD and replay the best game around… 

BUT if you haven’t played The Last of Us 2 before,…BUY THIS NOW!