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Xmas Gift List, 2022

Xmas Gift Guide this year? We hear that a lot.

So maybe, in this crazy post pandemic love-in we should give it a go, before we get to the end of “Cost of Living Level” Boss.

Here are a few things worth considering for Gamers, Friends of Gamers and/or the Family members we’ve kicked off the couch.

Please note – any links will be for information, not comission.

The Xmas Gift List, 2022

Xbox Series S

This powerhouse little sibling of the Series X is a shoe-in for anybody wanting a great console for good value.

It’s compact for sure, but packs a punch. While etc Series X can boast a few extra whistles the S is absolutely the best first step into this console generation.

Of course availability comes into play and while teh bigger consoles are starting to show, the Series S has been more readily available. Couple that with th outstanding value of Xbox Gamepass – you’ll be on a winner come Christmas Day.

Don’t forget to fire it up in secret and get those pesky updates out of the way before wrapping!

JBL Quantum Stream

JBL Quantum Stream microphone

Recently reviewed very well as part of the set-up for our new Podcast. The JBL Quantum Stream delivers the JBL standard or ‘Best in Class’ without making a fuss.

Crystal clear sound, great functionality and small enough to not be imposing. An entry-level Mic that out-performs, outshines and doesn’t cost the Earth.

Treat your Content Creator this holiday season!

Xmas Gift Guide


The GTW 270 are earbuds designed for gaming first, life second. 

They are functional, perfect for busy lives that talk, meet and game. As a gaming peripheral they are loud and clear, the mic works well. Also worth noting the absolutely make sense for gaming in bed or public where you may feel self conscious wearing big, comfy, more traditional Headsets.

Big Gifts do come in Small Packages.

LEGO Atari 2600 , Xmas Gift Guide

LEGO Atari 2600

This was a set I could not pass up in 2022. Building a life size Atari 2600 in LEGO, with some excellent extras took me right back to the Seventies.

It’s a terrific build, with great surprises. A perfect homage to a classic console. No self respecting Gamer (Retro or not) should be without it this Xmas.

It’s also still cheaper than the VCS Reboot console…for now.

If you want game related Stocking Stuffers, look no further than Old Skool Pixels dot com.

Based in the UK, run by Mike Berry What started as a labour of love has become a wonderful place to shop. Mike re-imagines classic 8-bit and Arcade games in a 3d style.

There really are too many variants to choose from and whether you’re a fan of Boulderdash, Defender or Bruce Lee there are mugs and mousepads to suit your needs. He’s even branching out into movie and pop-culture items too.

Do check out some of these familiar heartwarming renders!

Logitech G923

Logitech G923 “TRUEFORCE” Racing Wheel

Reviewed on the site by Guy back in May, and he fell in love. So much so, he ended up buying a similar, but not so awesome rig. Let’s hope he’s been a good boy this year.

“The sense of control the wheel gave me, the feedback I received from the road surface and the realistic handling sensation as my cars traction changed under tyre were all amazing. This isn’t hyperbole…I was honestly surprised how different my experience was compared to the time spent with a controller. “

“The Logitech G923 completely changed my driving game experience, and I cannot imagine playing Dirt or GT7 without one now…”

From everything we said, it’s a game changer and will make any petrolhead gamers Christmas.

A500 Mini

Amiga A500 Mini

If the Commodore64 signified my formative years in gaming, then the Amiga 500 dragged me through my angsty teens. The leap from 8-bit to 16-bit was enormous, the leap in quality and engagement groundbreaking.

Now decades later the A500 Mini is here to save retro fans.

The A500 Mini does what it says on the tin. It’s a tidy desktop slice of retro memories. The games on offer might not be the best, but you have the option to bolster the collection as you see fit. Schoolyard rules apply, floppies with names written in pencil etc.

The Amiga aA500 mini will fill a gap for a retro enthusiast that hasn’t found an original machine at a boot sale.

Intel NUC mini PC

Consumer electronics are some of the most sought-after holiday gifts, whether for students, gamers, or small business owners. Check out the range of Intel NUCs—powerful mini computers which deliver a full desktop PC experience! 

Intel NUC mini computers swing above their small size. From fully-configured, ready-to-use mini PCs to kits and boards for DIY-ers, you can find the Intel NUC that’s right for you—whether you are looking for a gaming, home theatre or business solution. Furthermore, they are sustainable and ecologically friendly! 

Norton 360 for Gamers

Norton 360 Premium

Keep your personal information online safe this New Year. Norton 360 Premium (NZ$124.99 first yr) provides layers of protection for your devices to give you peace-of-mind while shopping online this festive season and into 2023. 

Norton 360 Premium offers you a digital protection toolkit including Secure VPN, Password Manager, dark web monitoring plus iCloud backup and Antivirus for up to 10 devices – all in one simple download! This comprehensive online privacy protection makes a fantastic and thoughtful gift for keeping family and friends safe online this year.

Norton VPN

Norton VPN 

While we travel over the Christmas break, we often pop into a coffee shop and grin when we spot the free Wi-Fi. But using the free Wi-Fi provided at airports, hotels, and cafes is risky, you may have just logged onto a Wi-Fi network created by a cybercriminal. Don’t risk your personal information! 

Norton VPN (NZ$69.99 first yr) detects compromised networks, lets you browse in complete privacy and provides split tunnelling to secure and anonymise sensitive data without losing access to local services. Just like that, Norton VPN keeps you safe no matter where you’re browsing online. 

Aaaand, that’s all folks. Have a most excellent Holidays 2022!